27.5 Bordeaux

    28.5 Rex Club Paris

    1.6 Milk Club Geneva

    2.6. Nuits Sonores Lyon

    4.6. Spring Festival Graz

    18.6 Sonar Barcelona

    3.7 Calvi on the Rocks

    16.7 Piscine Molitor, Paris

    22.7 Postgarage, Graz

    6.8 Festival, Uzes

    14.8 Library Bar, Larnaca, Cyprus

    16.8 Ammos Beach Bar, Larnaca, Cyprus

    10.9 Dunkirk

    17.9. elevate tour stop Berlin

    23.3 Point EFMR, Paris

A little festival update

Last month I did a lot of traveling, and did not return to Berlin for one month. Among my travels I played at two wonderful festivals, namely Sonar and Calvi on the rocks. Escaping Berlin’s rainy beginning of summer I arrived in the warm realms of Spain, where I returned to the flat I used … Continue reading

Where am I

I received the link to the upcoming release ‘ Where Am I feat. Joan Belgrave’ on Detroit based label Planet E yesterday night and found it to be my perfect wake-up music: The original is a romantic jazz song, full of warm organ sounds and features the bright and soulful voice of versatile Joan Belgrave … Continue reading

So close to the closing

Last weekend I was in Cannes to meet one of my best friends Kathi and her boyfriend Gareth, who just came back after spending 9 months in Sierra Leone. Fortunately this correlated with the film festival and my boyfriend managed to get us accreditations, which made us very excited about the movies. On Saturday, however, … Continue reading

From Graz to Angers to Lyon

After celebrating the 80th birthday of my grandmother with an illustrious circle of 70 people, I set off to play at an university party in Graz. Actually I have planned to go directly home after my gig (as my plane departed at 6.00 in the morning) but two good friends of mine have picked me … Continue reading

So So So

A nice piece of music made by Infiné fellow RONE.  I really like his melodic EP, his unique style and I am glad to hear some new music by him. His release definitely makes me curious about his upcoming album! Now Erwan is living in Berlin too, not far from me and we already gathered … Continue reading

At home

I am spending a few days at home in Graz, at my parent’s place. A little introduction to them might be necessary: Both of them are passionate hobby musicians, my dad plays in different jazz bands and my mum collects all kinds of instruments. Thus, we have a room in the flat that is filled … Continue reading