At home

I am spending a few days at home in Graz, at my parent’s place. A little introduction to them might be necessary: Both of them are passionate hobby musicians, my dad plays in different jazz bands and my mum collects all kinds of instruments. Thus, we have a room in the flat that is filled with instruments, many of them being funny austrian ones. For my next project, I would like to record all of them, which is quite a lot of effort and I really need a good microphone!

I took some photos to give you an idea

Drehleier / hurdy-gurdy

That’s an “hurdy-gurdy”, which is called “Drehleier” in German. It sounds a bit Irish and it is fun to play around. But not sure if it will do for dance music.


An hammer dulcimer ( Hackbrett): It makes really cool sounds, and it is very interesting to play with. I already recorded some bits!


Taa-taa! I love the warm sounds of the vibraphone- a bit tricky to record though…

Further, there is a grand piano ( the only instrument I can play), a bass,  a double bass, a bassoon, harmonicas, various accordions, a drum set, many percussions, 2 keyboards, a clarinet, guitars ( acoustic and electric)and some flutes.

It is my favorite zoo of instruments.


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