From Graz to Angers to Lyon

After celebrating the 80th birthday of my grandmother with an illustrious circle of 70 people, I set off to play at an university party in Graz. Actually I have planned to go directly home after my gig (as my plane departed at 6.00 in the morning) but two good friends of mine have picked me up to have a last drink. So we went to a close bar, and we drank wine and some Schnaps until 3.30 which lead to the fact that I arrived at the airport without sleep.

Luckily I met a friend at the airport and so we shared a bit of the way. Arriving early at Frankfurt Airport, I was rather hung-over and bought overpriced sunglasses to hide the dark circles around my eyes, and a mobile charger ( I forgot mine at the venue in Graz). Then I went to Paris to take a train to Val de Marne ( Disneyland) where I changed to another train to go to my final destination Angers, trying not to lose laptop, chargers, sunglasses etc. somewhere on the way. I arrived there at 2pm, and after a line check and a short rest, I played a nice afternoon set in the green courtyard of the museum of fine arts for face festival .As I played so early I did not stay one night more in Angers, but went directly back to Lyon , where I arrived quite exhausted at the flat of my boyfriend at around 0.00 am. Nice weekend though!


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